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AXC 355 (B)

Art no: C355AXCB

Smoke extract axial fan Series AXC(B), tested according to EN 12101-3 for 300°C-120min.

  • Air direction Form A (motor first then impeller), direct driven for use inside or outside the smoke reservoir
  • CE mark of confirmity no 0036 CPD RG04 07
  • Impeller completely made of aluminium. Balanced statically and dynamically in accordance with DIN ISO 1940-1, quality grade Q = 6,3
  • Spun flanges for high rigidity, hole pattern in accordance with Eurovent 1/2
  • Long casing made from hot dip galvanized steel, to DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Terminal box in IP 65 mounted at the outside of the fan casing for easy wiring
  • High temperature three phase motor, directly in the air stream,
    protection class IP54, insulation class H, according EN 60034-5
  • Suitable for operating temperatures of up to 55°C continuously or once for 300°C/120Min.


The Systemair AXC(B) range of long cased medium pressure axial fans is available in sizes from 315 up to 1600 mm impeller diameter. The adjustable pitch angle setting offers a wide performance and maximum flexibility to match precisely individual airflow requirements. The AXC(B) axial fans have been performance tested in accordance with DIN ISO 5801, DIN 24163 and AMCA 210-99 on the Systemair fan test rig. Three years warranty make it a safe choice.

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